House of the Nobleman provides unlimited access to a global network of contemporary artists, collectors, dealers, gallerists, and institutions for our clients.

We pioneered the use of ultra-luxury residential and commercial properties in London and New York as gallery spaces, bringing together collectors of high-end art and buyers of luxury real estate. The publicity around our accompanying events allows us to promote artists, properties, and our services. This work also serves a public benefit by revitalizing architectural landmarks through the medium of art.

The scope of our work encompasses large-scale curatorial projects and events, art and design sourcing for private and corporate clients, and building brand awareness through art-related sponsorship.

Artist Management
We’ve helped some of the world’s best-known young artists launch and sustain their careers, and we’re always looking for talent. We offer everything from top line management to production financing, consulting, and straight purchasing.

Client Representation
We vary our approach to fit each individual client’s needs. We do not offer traditional advisory services or art evaluations, but we build collections through dealing, consulting and buying at auctions for clients.

Our art team handles all logistics for clients, including designing furniture and interiors, and complex transportation and installation scenarios.

Factors for Customer Satisfaction
We are defined by our sophisticated work and excellence on all levels of organisation and purchase process. Our team has expertise in different areas of the arts, and extensive previous experience within and outside the field of arts. Our long-lasting relationships with a diverse clientele, and detail-oriented approach to curating exceptional events have earned us worldwide recognition.