House of the Nobleman
House of the Nobleman
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Private Clients

We source artworks from around the world, negotiate sales and coordinate all logistics and installation. In addition we advise our clients on emerging artists, art investment and asset management.

Corporate Clients

Unique art events associate your brand/company with luxury level, cutting-edge consumer engagement. The scope of our work ranges from large-scale curatorial projects to art-sourcing and design. We are also able to assist with the acquisition and management of a distinctive collection to enhance your corporate image. An art collection is a long-term investment that creates an inspiring environment for your organisation and reflects your cultural support and commitment.

Artists and Designers

We provide an established, multidisciplinary platform for artists, designers and young talents to collaborate with an international client base and professional network that supports the execution of high-profile art events and projects.

For Arts Sponsors

Those involved in sponsorship of the arts understand that the recognition of cultural support is an invaluable public relations asset. Long-lasting and successful programs need strong and forward-looking management with a genuine interest in cultural and artistic development. We facilitate projects, events, curation and are happy to consider the most outrageous proposals.

For Property Developers

We pioneered the use of ultra-luxury residential and commercial properties as gallery spaces, bringing together collectors of high-end art and buyers of luxury real estate. The publicity around our art events allows us to promote properties and engage a new audience with your brand. Your company name will be associated with the most innovative arts program, offering a unique opportunity to establish your reputation in the global art and design scene.

For Office Occupiers

Art has the power to transform office environments into motivational and inspirational spaces. Flexible lease/purchase options allow us to rotate exhibitions and maintain your dynamic office culture. Our team handles all logistics for clients, from curation and shipment to insurance and installation.