Inge Nabuurs _Morphing Lights Light Fantastic

Erwin Van Doorn & Inge Nabuurs, Morphing Light, 2014

Video (Earth, Air, Water, Fire)
Dimensions variable

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We have lost our innocence and live in loneliness because we know too much. Our roots are wounded because globalization forced us to adapt to pop-culture in order to survive within contemporary society. Our lives flash by against an empty backdrop where advertisement is the only ornament. In modernism articulating difference is a problem. What goes beyond the urban tissue? Beyond our experience are fractal patterns that never exactly repeat. With this work we want to articulate and highlight the four temperaments. Shapes that refer to the antique. Blindfolded views at sinister places in occult worlds where elements are in control. Morphing Light consists of 4 videos that seduce the spectator into a trance-like state. The footage is edited in the same way like a diamond is being cut. This technique has a mesmerizing effect in which time will disappear and becomes virtual space.