House of the Nobleman is an elite, multi-faceted arts organization offering arts advisory, curatorial services, and private dealership. We organize privatelysponsored, satellite art exhibitions and corresponding events to build brand awareness for a diverse clientele, including property developers and owners, luxury brands, and private banks. We also facilitate private deals between collectors and provide expert art advice to our clients.

Under the direction of founder Victoria Golembiovskaya, we collaborate with our partners to curate immersive displays in distinct environments. This approach to exhibition allows our clients to form more intimate relationships with the artwork and imagine it in their homes. Our international client base and carefully curated
professional network enable us to create these unique experiences, as well as art residencies and educational programming.

House of the Nobleman also functions as an arts advisory and professional consulting practice. We have nurtured a global network of private collectors, galleries, artists, and professional advisors to call upon, and have access to experts in old masters, modern, postwar, and contemporary art and design. We even take care of all logistics, from architecture to furniture design. With our team’s marketplace savvy, professional connections, and ability to handle complex production, House of the Nobleman provides only the highest quality art advice to its clients.